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Your Dog Care

I bet that no other pet other than your Dog is so much capable to love its owner with such devotion and get adapted to his environment so absolutely.

This blog is packed with helpful tips which will maintain your dog with health and happiness. I believe that you will find your search results in this blog and if you have any thoughts please don’t hesitate to add your comments.


Do’s of Dog Care:

Everyday, your dog should be provide with a balanced diet and ample water.

Clean your dog regularly with good soap and shampoo matching your dog’s skin.

Consult the doctor to vaccinate for rabies and other diseases that may affect your pet.







If you want your dog to remain fit and healthy, give your dog good exercise by taking him with you for a walk and play with him at least twice a day. Also keep in mind that the level of exercise that your dog should get depends upon its breed and age.

Whenever you buy a dog make sure you collar him with his name, your name, address, and telephone number written on it. He will never be lost in case he goes away from you.





Make sure the shelter you create for your dog is spacious in order to fit him comfortably. Also clean his home regularly.

Create a leash when the dog is outside him home.

Select a good dog trainer to make him more active.









Show love and care towards your dog. Build a healthy relationship between you and your dog. He will surely be a very good companion to all in the family.

Bathing your dog at regular intervals is necessary. Give him a bath twice in a month and wipe him with a dry towel.

After bath make sure your dog is groomed. Move a brush or comb through the hair of your dog.

Keep your dog free of the leash whenever you are around or near by him.




Undertake proper physical examination of your dog on a monthly basis. Check the pad of its feet for any injuries. Undertake an oral examination of its mouth. Make sure that his ears and teeth are clean. Take your dog for regular veterinarian check-ups every 2 to 3 months.

Get your dog neutered after consulting a veterinary doctor, if you do not want to breed him.. It will help the dog live longer, be healthier and have fewer behaviour problems.

Try to spend as much time with your dog and make it go into the dog house at night times only.




Dont’s of Dog Care:

Do not keep your dog constantly tied up, as this will lead to boredom and result in bad temper of the dog as well.

Always spend time with your dog. Never make him feel lonely.

Never train your dog at late times.

During hot days make sure you provide enough water for him. Leave a bowl of clean water easily accessible at any time.

Make sure your dog does not mingle with other dogs which you find dirty or uncared. This make cause infections to your puppy.

Give instruction in a normal and firm tone. Do not scream or shout at him which may make him get frightened and be silent at all time.



Grooming Tips:

Long-haired Dogs should be groomed daily.

Short-haired Dogs should be groomed weekly.

Select a time when you and your dog have adequate time. This will make grooming as a pleasurable experience for both you and your dog.

Get your puppy habitual to grooming when he is a young. You can do that by handling your puppy often, touching his ears, back and paws.

Make sure you handle gently some areas of your dog’s body which is more sensitive to combing and brushing than others.




Brushing and Combing Tips:

Help him to keep his skin free of disease and parasite by providing him with regular brushing and combing. This will also remove loose and matted hair.

Evenly distribute natural oils to give your dog a nice shiny coat.

Make sure you always comb his hair in the direction of the hair growth so that you could remove tangles.






Fine-toothed dog combs: can be used for soft, thin or silky coats.

Medium-toothed combs: can be used for normal coats.

Wide-toothed combs: can be used for heavy and thick coats.

Flea combs: Can be used for removing parasites and flea dirt from the coat. Can also be used to comb the hair around the eyes.

Rakes: Can be used to remove dead undercoat hair in larger dogs.

Pin brushes with rounded tips are good for dogs with long, fine hair to prevent           damage to the skin. Example: Terrier Breed.

Bristle brushes: Can be used for dogs with very long coats and adds shine to the    short coat. Example: Afghan Breed.

Grooming mitts: Can be used for short-haired breeds to add polish and shine once the loose hairs are removed.


Make your dog feel the real comfort and love you really wanted to express to him!