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Happy Steps for Happy Family

Have you every stopped to think over the happiness of your family?

Often, people in this busy world, run behind pursuing wealth, fame, pride, believing that this is all in this world that brings happiness. Happiness is apart for this all… Challenge your sorrows with happiness implementing the below magical steps.


Concentrate more on the Outcomes and not the not Problems

Every member within the family should understand and communicate with each other what their desired outcome is in any situation. By doing this, every member of your family will move forward with the same objective rather than focusing on the reasons why it cannot happen.



Concentrate much on Feedback’s and not Failures

Whenever you share a negative information make sure you deliver it in a positive way. Always remember to share things how it could be better and not on how they went wrong.



Concentrate on Possibilities

Always motivate your family members to aim about the future and not to the past. Past is over and the future is yet to happen. So remember that you have a chance to change it. Consider your past only to be a lesson.



Empathize your Roles

Communicate with your family members that each of them individually has a role to play. The role can change then and there depending on the different stages they come across. Define your own weakness and fix them very quickly with the help of others.



Delegate your Tasks

It is not only that a parent must hold the entire responsibility on the entire family. It routine is very difficult to be done for a longer run. It is you who should take the responsibility at every stage may be a child, teenager, adult etc. Make sure you are available when the entire family is gathered good chat. This will enable to share their ideas, inner thoughts etc.



Think Positive

Every human should have goals. Those goals should be set positive, which the entire family believes that they are achievable and worthwhile. It must be much easier to move toward your goal rather than to move away from it. Always put a smile on your face, laugh at yourself looking at the mirror early morning, and spend your time with kids.



Have a Clear-cut Vision

Raise questions to the family members to define the exact meaning of the family according to their point of view. Make clear each ones anticipation so that everyone understands and keeps them in mind. Concentrate and be clear on what you need to happen and not you want to happen.



Never stop Learning and keep Growing

All things are changeable so keep changing with them. Even the huge world we live is not the same every year. So why do we humans think that your actions and responses have to be the same. The relationship you have and the role you play in your life changes. Anticipate on the problems which will happen as your family grows and plan your responsibility.



Don’t operate in a Vacuum – Communicate and Recognize People

Make sure you are sharing your ideas from your head and heart with someone in the family. It is so very vital for every family to understand each others motives and intentions. Listen more and talk less. That’s the reason why God has given 2 ears and only 1 mouth.



Strive Hard to get what you Want

It is important that you take action rather than inaction. Set it up as a rule so that the rest of the family will do the same. Courage should take action and fear should be inaction.




Be Committed to the Family

A family is said to be a strong family only if the members are committed to each other. Husband should be committed to his wife, wife should be committed to her husband, parents should be committed to their children and children should be committed to their parents.




Spend Time Together

Communication is made possible only when you allocate sometime to spend with your family. Lack of communication leads to lack of transmission of information. Family means togetherness. Do things together, eating at least one meal a day together, go for a holiday together and visit parents together. Always give 100% concentration for both quality and quantity of the time.



Exhibit Appreciation

Regularly express your appreciation, gratitude’s, promises, love and care to one another. Appreciation makes an individual to perform one step higher the next time, whatever it may be. Always be careful with the words you try to express your love, emotions, anger etc. Words once spoken cannot be taken back.



Spiritual Commitment

Build a spiritual environment. Despite the hard times you face, despite the challenges you come across, there would be joy, satisfaction etc.




Power to overcome any Crises

Crises may also be the anger, stress, hatred, depression, hard times and much more. The ability to defeat them all is the biggest stride for every family. These small crises once set right will not be a barrier when you concentrate on a huge crises.


You can individually test and approve these principles. It works for any one who wants to improve their relationships as a child, as a teenager, as a parent or any role you are in at present.

Just give it a try cause you lose nothing!!!